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Monday, September 16, 2013

Runtastic App for iOS

Runtastic is a fitness oriented software for iOS devices.

It monitors your sports activities and is also linked to the runtastic webpage where all of these activities can be logged and listed.

Runtastic can cooperate with facebook, twitter, google+ and further social media in order to post your achievements to your wall or just tweet them to the universe.

The app can be paired with a bluetooth-heratrate-monitor in the pro-version that logs your heartbeats and gives you feedback on your workout and the energy-consumption.
Furthermore the track and its distance are logged via GPS and you can see it on a map while and after the workout.

To achieve the best feedback it is necesscary to set the app not only to your personal data like age, weight, height, sex etc. but also to set it to the sports you are logging, so the energy consumption is calculated correctly.

There are lots of sports to choose from: Running, cycling, mountain biking, race biking, nordic walking, inline skating, hiking, walking, horse riding, sailing, surfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding, kajaking, handbiking, cross skating, skiing, snowboarding, skitouring, cross country skiing, golfing, paragliding, motobiking, american football, baseball, crossfit, dancing, ice hockey, skateboarding, zumba, gymnastics, rughby, standup paddling and "other sports".

It's kind of ridiculous, that exotic sports like standup paddling is available, but rowing is not available.
B.t.w. its is available on the Android version, but not on iOS.

In addition the app does not allow to choose from any indoor sport, or indoor versions of sports, like indoor cycling or running on a threadmill. Shure, you can choose "running" instead, but you would have the GPS engaged for the whole exercise, which unnessescarily drains the battery of your device and shows funny tracks on the map.

Every sport listed shows specific energy-consumption that is calculated with your personal factors involved. That's why choosing the correct sports is so important.

You can also race against friends you are linked with, race against yourself if you run the same tracks again, get motivational messages from your friends, listen to your powersong if needed and lots of other functions.

Good app with lots of possibilities and fields ofy application

Different endurance sports are missing in the iOS version. Seems easy to add them, but the development staff is not very responsive to ideas and requests of users.
The app is continiously asking for rating it on the appstore, even if you already rated it. That's an absolute no-go for me. That happend to users while a marathon race and eventually killed the log of the marathon.

The polar "beat" app is an alternative to the runtastic app, but it doesn't allow manual entry of exercises.

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